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Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Links

Does Lining help drapeable?
Absolutely! Lining always helps the drapeable and makes a fuller and more attractive drape. 

Does lining help keep interiors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer?
Yes! you can refer to our Tempassure Drapery Lining from R-Value ratings test results on our Linings page. You'll see that R-Value can increase as much as 300% over unlined drapes!

Can draperies with your linings be washed? 
The industry standard is that all draperies should be dry cleaned unless they are 100% polyester, then machine washing can be done in a gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent. 

Is there a soft Blackout lining?
Yes! Our Outblack from Australia is the softest and does a much better job guarding against pinholes.

Is there a good budget blackout?
Yes. JP Lining offers an excellent budget blackout from Roc-lon.

Are colored linings becoming more popular?
Yes. The colored linings you will see on our website are extremely popular. It enhances the look of the drape. The putty and khaki colors are commonly requested. 

Do you have Eco-Friendly [green] lining?
Yes! Our Prima Sateen All-Natural is 100% sustainable cotton drapery lining. It is finished with no bleach, no dyes and no chemicals. Extra effort has been taken to size and press this premium product to provide you with this exclusive lining. 

Can linings be made flame retardant?
Some linings are inherently flame retardant while most others can be treated and a certificate will be provided. 

Do you have a return policy?
In the unusual event that the product is defective, a full refund plus shipping will be provided. In every other circumstance, we will accept returned product under the following conditions: 

Within 5 days of delivery, the buyer may return a bolt of fabric which has not been cut. The buyer will pay for return shipping [which may include a call tag to have the product picked up]. There is a restocking fee of $25 per bolt of lining. JP Lining will inspect the product upon return to ensure it meets industry standards.

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